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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Three Days till Bender Time

It seems like forever since we last gathered to pay tribute to the binge drinking God, but at last FA Cup final day is on the horizon. After miss placing my phone I would appreciate if everybody could pass on the message that we are meeting at Lloyds bar, across from town hall between 12:00 and 13:00 hours prompt. Please remember it is a marathon and not a sprint, as last years photos graphically show. I've no idea where we will go when the game is over, I am open to suggestions, although I would rather avoid Bingley, as King Dave is barred from the Ferrands, plus we always seem to end up there anyway. If Shouty doesn't show up, we may well be putting a hunting trip together to brave the murky backwaters of Shipley. looking forward to June, there is no bender scheduled as yet, Crespo has suggested a free Jamon benefit bender, and El Grande Queso wondered about a going under the knife shindig, as he prepares for his knee operation. Any other ideas, please contact me ( I have got a new phone) or post a comment. See you Saturday.

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