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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

McEuro Ahoy!

Avast ye lice infested cutlass lickers, it be McOdyssey, the weekly search to guess where I be doin' me burger pillaging. The ginger nemesis that be McMercenary plundered me booty last week to garnish two gold dubloons from me bulging chest. I'd laid anchor to feed me hearty waistline on the Mediterranean island of McMalta. Well this week be having to do fer yer treasure hunting fer the next fortnight, as I be away to find more MacD's to be bamboozling all ye infernal McSpotters with, so get ready for a real tough spot, as this week;

Whhheree BBBeeeee MMMMcEEEuuuuro?????


mccrespo said...

Well Ive never known Maccy D's to have outside shutter's, so it could be a rough area..

So now weve narrowed it down to West Yorkshire, Im going for somewhere in the magical Kingdom of Wakefield!!??

Although taking a look at 'Nelson Mandela house' in the background, Peckham is a possibility!!??

Anonymous said...

Seacroft Leeds