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Thursday, May 17, 2007

JMF Crushed by Rampant Elite

Apologies for the tardiness of this report, as I have been to busy basking in the glory of a superlative performance by the mighty elite down the Wood last night. The final four goal victory belies the supremacy shown by Euro's boys in the face of extreme cheating from Queen Dave. The first quarter of an hour so saw the usually slow starting Elite power to a 11-2 advantage, Young Gaz scoring a boat load, and Shotgun finding his range to pepper the back of the onion bag instead of the ceiling. JohnnyM stayed awake for most of the match, as Euro provided cover at the back, but special mention goes to the Shoutster who ran himself into the ground. On the JMF, Funky Messiah ran out of stream half way through the first minute, King Dave brought his clogs and Luklear War tried to kick the life out of the righteous Elite. Even the shooting of Dead Eye and the defending of the Mercenary suffered as the MoFo cried over every 50/50 call, although they did rally late to keep the scores respectable. Take that arse bandits.

2007 Season
  • JMF wins -12
  • Euro Elite - 7
  • Draws - 1

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