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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Oh No!

This particular post is difficult for me to compose. After reporting with glee the buffoonery of various members losing their phones whilst inebriated, it pains me to report that I have joined this esteemed band of eejits. After swigging copious amounts of lager, I discovered after stumbling through my front door, that my phone was no longer in my possession. I rang up G-Spot who tried to track down my phone in the George, but it was well and truly west. I rang it myself, but whoever purloined my mobile had switched it off. Oh well, I have finally opened my 2007 buffoon account.


Anonymous said...

av ya checked mcdonalds ya landlovin soft bellied piece a mackeral bait.
Yours Pirately

european bri said...

I suspect me treasure to be buried somewhere on e-bay.