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Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to Reality

This years drab final couldn't put a dampener on the annual FA Cup bender, and a very healthy turnout it was, squad member Skidly going as far as to get a weeks sick note to attend, and brother G Spot risking the wrath of his missus to make a rare foray into the world of bendering. The afternoon got off to a slow start, Crespo managing to pick up some driftwood from Baildon that took about an hour to cut loose, but after that we got into the swing quickly. Mad Ad was the first raise the rowdiness level, and the boy was soon following in his wake. After many beers in Bradford town centre, we acquired Tony helmet and decided to leave all the asylum seekers to it and braved the, as it turned out, not so dark backwaters of Shipley via the Park at Frizinghall. From here on in it was allover the place. first down was the boy, who was in need of taking home, so I volunteered, before I was tempted by past demons. As we waited for our cab Lobon and Tony H were doing the same favour for a fading Ad. So newcomer Jammy and JohnnyMedia were left with old school squad members Funky, Shouty and Crespo to fly the flag till closing time at around 4 a.m. Shouty was last seen trying to make a break for the boiler house before common sense, and his brother in law, helped take him home without scoring any buffoon points. This may seem a tame affair by our previous standards, but the first official bender of the summer months is always one of the more cagey. Till the next one.......

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G-Spot said...

And what about the Mr JonnyWest calling me at 1030 Sunday morning to groan in the most hungover groaniest voice telling me he wanted to cancel our 1040 game of squash because of all things... he was still about 5 miles from home in Allerton. tut tut