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Sunday, May 06, 2007

FA Cup Approaching

It's been a while since the last all out bender, there have been several sessions in between, but that will be put right in just under a fortnight when the annual FA Cup bender happens on the 19th of May. This year we have pencilled in the Queens hotel in Bradford, but if the weather is nice, and the game is on the big screen, we may watch the game al fresco in Centenary Square outside Bradford town hall. We are expecting a healthy turn out, but already there has been one casualty. Jamon will be stuck on a plane returning from Majorca, and will be unable to attend. It is also looking touch and go for brother Shouty, so be prepared for another Save Our Shouty campaign. On the plus side Semi-On has almost returned to full erectness, and will be warmly welcomed back into the fold. To the rest of you, see you on the 19th.

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