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Saturday, May 12, 2007

How do you Solve a Problem Like Shouty?

A serious squad issue has been brought to my attention by an anonymous member. Crespo has told me that brother Shouty is considering watching the FA Cup final in the land of moustaches and dealers, Shipley. Apparently this pussy whipped land lover believes we lead him astray! That's what we are supposed to do, idiot! If we wanted to stay all nice and sensible, we would be in the evil M.R.S. numb nuts. This is a serious matter, and can not go unpunished. The penalty could even be as grave as having to revoke his Bender Squad membership. However, I do not feel such a draconian punishment is warranted just yet, as this is only his first offence, and he said it in the presence of one of the Mean Repressive Spouses most lethal agents, the ladder tighted SammyJ. I propose we address the situation on the 19th of May, unless he does decide to go to Shipley, in which case we will hunt him down like a mangy dog. Remember not to look directly into her eyes, and don't forget, sex lasts minutes, a bender takes hours!

"Quod inter amicos accidit, inter amicos manet"

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