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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

JMF get Six of the Best

From the lowest ebb to highest high, the Elite put the shambles of last weeks performance behind them, to ease to a six goal victory last night. The usual slow start of the Elite, saw the JMF march to an early four goal lead, but Euros makeshift team stuck to the task, unlike previous weeks. Clogs and Shotgun began to open cracks in the JMF defence, and soon dragged the Elite back to level pegging, as the game entered its decisive stage. The scoring was equally shared between the sides over the next quarter of an hour, the turning point coming as the mighty Elite opened a three goal advantage. The JMF committed everything to attack, and with Funky and Leftys lack of match fitness becoming evident, spaces were being left wide open at the back, that the Elite readily took advantage. Shouty, Euro, the Mercenary, Clogs and even Shotgun racked up the goals, and a landslide victory of epic proportions was only averted due to the shooting skills of Dead Eye. Hope springs eternal, and yet again the Elite have risen to the occasion, when all seemed lost. Can the JMF sausage jockeys reign of terror be halted? Tune in next week to find out.

2007 Season
  • JMF wins -11
  • Euro Elite - 6
  • Draws - 1


Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the final margin was 3 Bri, due to our late rally, but you would've missed that due to your head being in the clouds! Not wanting to take away anything from your victory though, as a win is a win, enjoy it while you can, we'll be back! Oh, and thanks for the VERY rare compliment you gave me, it can't have been easy doing that. Dead Eye

king dave said...

nice 1 bri i see you moved from reffing,sorry BIASED! reffing 2 management!you had better win next week m8 or u n the homo's will be on the news shouting mercy!!!!!!!!