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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

JMF Squeeze Out Four Goal Victory

Despite a heroic effort from European, the spunk lovers of the JMF minced their way to victory down the Wood. Dead Eye fluked in half a dozen goals, and Jamon even tripped over his own feet and managed to register a brace of scoring efforts. In a desperate effort to secure victory The Mercenary even blasted a ball into the mild mannered Shoutys face. Whilst the compassionate Elite rushed to aid their fallen comrade, the limp wristed ones took this opportunity to score the cheapest of goals. FIFA have been alerted to this travesty of fair play. All this skulduggery took it's toll on Euro's boys, who in the end showed true British bulldog spirit to halve an eight goal deficit by the time the final buzzer sounded. I hate those MoFo cock suckers.

2007 Season
  • JMF wins -12
  • Euro Elite - 6
  • Draws - 1

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