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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rolling Rock v Guinness: The Grand Final

So this is it. After months of posting and voting to find out which beer will go forward as "Official Beer of the Bender squad" we have reached the final two. One has come through several difficult draws, and even lost it's semi-final, but was reinstated after questions were raised about the veracity of it's opponents final vote tally. Of course Guinness was always considered a strong contender for the title, it has several fans amongst the squad, and it will be no surprise if it wins the final in a landslide. The beer in the other corner, Rolling Rock, is on the other hand, very much a surprise finalist. Qualifying in a dead heat from the USA section of the qualifiers, it seems to owe it's place in the final pairing due to it's ability to be just a bit better than all it's adversaries during the round robin knockout. Tesco Value Beer, Budweiser and DAB fell to the green bottled brew, although I think DAB's demise in the final four may have been down too a disgruntled Kolsch fan. So there you have it. This time next week I shall declare a winner as the Squads official brew. Will it be the heavily favoured Guinness, or will Rolling Rock become the Buster Douglas of the beer world? The choice is yours......

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