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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Euro Boys Streak Still Going

A dead eyeless JMF had lost three straight before tonight's encounter, and the relief was palpable on his return to the ranks of camp. King Dave was still absent, injured, and on our side Two Scoops decided upon extending his recuperation period by another week. Dr Shotguns rich run of form was interrupted by a heel injury, but the Mercenary was able to change his rota, so it was pretty much a straight swap. Stand ins were as last week, Child Catcher for the rent boys, Big Phil for the forces of good. All was set fair for a tight game.

Which looked to be on the cards, as both sides swapped the lead on several occasions during the opening period. Dead Eye's enforced break hadn't seemed to impair his shooting, but the boys in white hung tough, keeping pace first through the Shoutster, and then through an inform Clogs, who was everywhere. Around the quarter hour mark though a break through was made, as the Euro boys struggled to find their impressive rhythm of the previous weeks. The shirt lifters saw an opening, and in a flurry of admittedly fine finishing, carved out a four goal lead. At the end of last years campaign, this would have seen the righteous more than likely capitulate, but redemption was to hand, as the Child catcher took up his shift between the sticks. The previous week had seen an impressive stint in goals from the young whirlwind, but tonight was the polar opposite, as a flurry of howlers allowed the Elite to whittle the lead down to a solitary score. And then everything clicked. Yes, as Funky said at the end of the game, we may of had the rub of the green, but once we found our groove, we were unstoppable. It has been a rich vein of form lately, and this was highlighted by a beautiful score by Shouty, who slalomed his way through a retreating sea of red shirts , and then finish his excellent run with a perfect shot. Even Big Phil started to forge into the opposite half, and with a little mot=re confidence would have scored a hat full. But special mention goes to Clogs. As the MoFo strived to get back into the game, he proved unbeatable in nets, and then, once his shift was over, rampaged through their rearguard, as we racked up a five goal lead. Hats off to the limp writed Nancy boys for not giving up, but in the end they were well beaten. early doors, I know, but there 2009 victory all of a sudden seems like a long time ago.......

JMF- Funky, Dead Eye, Child Catcher, Luklear War and Jamon

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, Big Phil, Shouty and The Mercenary

2010 Season

JMF wins - 1

Euro Elite - 4

Draws - 0

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