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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bantams 0 Mariners 0

I am not going to waste much time on this match, it was shite. So bad that me and Queso bailed at half time, making off to the Beehive. It really was that desperate.

It was good, however, to have a long absent compadre out with us once again, The Boy Dazzler. Wether he has come back from the wilderness remains to be seen, but it was grand to have him out again, and he didn't disappoint, putting in a vintage Dazzler performance, after Queso plied him with Jack Daniels. Also out was Lobon, another long time absentee, giving the whole evening a nostalgic tinge. Crespo was only out for a couple, but he must meant a couple of dozen, as he was still knocking them back when me and the Boy ditched around eleven. I have reports of Buffoonery from our lanky hero, something I need to investigate further. You have to watch yourself when pissed at the moment, as current champion Helmet is keen as mustard to catch out the unsuspecting, particularly as his late finishes at work means he is sober and you are not. His look of disdain towards our drunken japery is a bit odd though, he appears to be giving the impression that he has never been arsed himself. Anyway, I shall elaborate more on the current standings in the next couple of days, as I have not much idea of what went on. Apparently Crespo was out foxed by a balloon. Hopefully Helmet will be in the pub on Wednesday to watch the football, and can give me the full low down.

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a relativly quiet night for me even tho i was trashed
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