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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bantams 0 Shakers 1

Well that's it for City legend Stuart McCall, who after a run of poor results walked away from the managers job. He will always be a club legend as a player, but if there was ever proof that a great player doesn't necessarily make a great manager, this is it. For almost three seasons we have been rooted in the bottom tier of the Football League, and this season we actually have begun to go backwards. A lot of his supporters will point out a lack of funds, but compared to both Rochdale and yesterdays visitors Bury, both of whom occupy top three positions, we are Chelsea. And let's not forget, he did get a decent amount of money to spend on players in his first two seasons. The fact is, we are rubbish, and if a couple of players don't have a good game we are doomed.

The game itself was the perfect example of why it was time for a new man at the helm. Bury didn't put up much of a game, they seemed content to play for the draw, but our tactics were bewildering to say the least. A partially fit Hanson was recalled to lead the line, but once again he persevered with the inept midfield pairing of Bullock and Flynn. The latter has been awful for months, yet it is continually others who pay with their places for our ineptitude. Last weeks late goal hero Evans was recalled, as a right winger, which beggars belief as the boy can't pass, cross or dribble. I have made the point before that he is basically a cross country runner, all running, no product. The one surprise was the performance of our Keystone defenders, who actually played well. The first half was one of the dullest 45 minutes I have ever bore witness too, but even this dirge was usurped by the following half. Within seven minutes of the restart, we were a goal down, and the game was pretty much up. Our managers plan to claw our way back into the match? To take off Daley, push our tall centre forward out to the left, and bring on a striker who hadn't played for weeks. I am afraid with twenty minutes to go, one of our midfield players, I think it was Evans, who had time and space to move into, look up and find a fellow teammate, instead humped the ball all the way to the opposition goalie. I am afraid I blew a gasket, made my feelings known to all around me, and flounced out of the ground in a strop. It was one of those moments when you say something you don't mean, but then have to follow it up, as you would look even stupider if you didn't. I have accepted the Buffoon point that was awarded.

So what next for the Bantams? The nightmare scenario for me, is that the joint chairman will have not learned their lesson about hiring unproven former players, and give the job to the empty headed Dean Windass. If they think this will drive up season ticket sales, they can think again, as I will not be renewing. Hopefully they can poach some young up and comer with a proven track record in the lower leagues, instead of some "name" that will raise nothing but our profile. Teams like our opponents have shown the way to challenge at this grade, and I can't believe that a club the size of ours has too play second fiddle to the likes of Bury, Morecambe and the like.

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