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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Accrington Ahoy!

Before this weekend, it looked as if our little jaunt into pie country would be a quiet-ish affair, with maybe a hand full of us making the trip. But on Saturday, Jimmy, Bakes et all, also declared an interest, so all of a sudden it looks like it could be a full blown Bender. This could of course all change, as Bakes crew can be a bit fickle, especially if they all get mashed the night before, but we shall see. I know this is a bit off script, but isn't the bint who does the mid week lottery a spooky looking fella? Proper Croyden face lift she has. Not right lucky either, as I only got one number. back to the trip, on the 20th of February, and I will keep an eye out to make sure it isn't an all ticket affair.

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