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Friday, July 15, 2011

Killer Keisters

Well it's back. My PC may still be poorly, but it's better than no PC, and still has my array of booty shots still on it. This means that once again, Killer Keister should be back in it's weekly slot. News worth raising a glass for, and what a fine place to rest it afterwards.

Now the main problem I have, is remembering which pictures have all ready been posted. Now I could back and do a form of stock take, but these asses are so fine, do you really care if they have been replicated? I thought not. Now one of my favourite, although perplexing, trends on the internet, is of fine females taking pictures of them selves naked in a mirror and then posting them on the internet. Heaven knows why they do it, but long may it continue.

Next up is one that I really like. Makes you want to reach up and yank them brown bad boys clean off.

Which brings us nicely to the weeks G.A.S. A nice big round fella, that's just ripe for bouncing yer balls on. Good to be back, and will see all you ass fans again next week.

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