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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Because my Names on it!

Now I am showing my age here big time. Back before the Health Nazis managed to infiltrate the corridors of power, cigarette advertising was allowed on billboards ( can you lads under 30 believe it!) They were witty, artistic and funny campaigns that in no way made you want to start smoking, but that is by the by. Now I was a smoker back then, and Embassy regal King Size were my brand of choice (apparently if you take out a small bank loan you can still buy them). And it was also my favourite ad campaign. It featured some generic Northerner called Reg who smoked 'em because his name was on the packet.

There was a series of Reg posters, that were most amusing, featuring our hero giving his opinion on things as varied as Modern Art and The Stock Exchange (see below)

If memory serves, he even had a brother called Al (get it) but I can't find any images of him on the old interweb. Anyway, you may well wonder where the chuff I am going with all this, and to be honest I almost plum forgot myself. Twas a picture text from me old mucker G-Spot Geevers, that got me thinking along the lines of beers that members of the Bender squad should be drinking because their name is on it. So I issue a challenge to all of you brothers out there, to find a brewski that can be associated with either your name, or preferably your Squad issued moniker. It would also be cool if we get you in the shot either drinking it, or extoling it's vitrues. a la Reg. Looks like G Spot is going to have to get himself another bottle and a friend to photograph him.

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