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Friday, July 22, 2011

Killer Keister

Now then my assaholic followers, it's arse time yet again. This week is a bit random, but our first two lovelies are posing their posteriors in the bathroom. In fact the one below definitely qualifies as G.A.S. shot, so a Brucie bonus for all of you who like 'em up close and personal. I am thinking of you Shouty.....

Next up isn't an ass shot at all. But during my extensive research, it caught my eye, and I really liked it, so to break up the bevy of butts is this lovely little minx. Gorgeous isn't she?

But this is a thread dedicated to all things ass, so back to basics. Now our first two belong to the ample category, so for those of you who prefer the more petite is this fine filly.

As ever we end with a G.A.S. It might be quite as in yer face as our bathing beauty featured further up the page, but it is definitely Gratuitous, and it is most certainly provocative. In fact where's the Elster.......

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