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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blown Oppourtunity

It was all looking rosey for the Righteous last Wednesday. On paper we possessed the stronger five, and a chance to shave another victory off the Nefarious JMF looked to be on the cards. So to even things up we gave them a four goal head start The only flaw in our generous plan? We all had an attack of the Magoo's! I don't think we even managed to hit double figures for the 60 minutes. This meant at the final bell we were in arrears by...... the four goals we coughed up at the outset. Usually our most prolific (and greedy) player Crespo, came up blank, closely followed by myself and Cclogs. You know your in bother when the Shoutster proves to be your main goal threat. Three times we pulled to within a score, and it seemed the balance had shifted, but three times we gave up three goals, ansd the four cushion lead was restored. Not the finest moment for the boys in white...

Moment of Match
A good game for stand out moments. For a start, Big Phil the Octopus scored. Twice! The second one actually looked like he meant it. Then there was one of the finest strikes ever seen down the Wood. A stray pass bounced up in front of Lukelear War, and on the half volley, from inside his own half, he found the top corner. A sweet strike indeed. On the comedic side was myself, standing on the ball instead of kicking it, landing in a heap on the deck, and then floundering like a beached porpoise to try and get the ball away from an encroaching Mercenary. Which brings us to this weeks winner. Now Luklear's shot should be the choice, but I have gone for this one to wind up the Mercenary. Shouty took a pass out on the right flank, and as the aforementioned came to tackle him, he swiveled and flicked the ball round him, before burying his shot in the far corner. Shouty's bitch!

JMF- Dribbling Dan, Luklear War, Big Phil the Octopus, The Mercanary and Salty Scott

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, Shouty, Padawan and Crespo

2011 Season

JMF wins - 15

Euro Elite - 10

Draws - 2

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