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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Side Tracked

Now usually, the lack of posting on this here blog can be attributed to one thing. My chronic bone idleness. But this time I can point the blame in another direction. I know it is a little bit sad at my age, but I have been totally side tracked by a video game. Gran Tourismo on the PS3 has completely conquered my spare time over the last few days. The game has been played since Christmas, but over the last week I have hit the critical part of the game. The hard part. Up till now I have just been able to buy the most powerful vehicle and lay waste to the various races and challenges set by the game. But no longer. The races have got longer, as in 20+ laps longer, and the AI has improved along with bhp of the cars I must beat. This means far too much time sat in front of the TV leaning along with every on screen manoeuvre. It is a highly addictive game. But I do have one gripe. It has a whole section, b-spec, that is a simulation. You basically pick a car, create a digital driver, and then tell him to race. You literally command him to go faster, go slower, maintain or overtake. It is akin to spending a couple of hundred quid on a high class hooker, taking her to your mates house, telling him to bone her, whilst you dictate his humping momentum. A most bizarre, and to be honest boring, addition to an otherwise fantastic game. I am aiming to go cold turkey this weekend, but Shouty is thinking of having a GT5 night around his place, so who can tell. he will be in for a proper arse raping if he does. he was boasting about how he could do the Nürburgring Nordschleife in ten and a half minutes in a Lamborghini. I can do it in under 9 minutes 10 seconds in a Lupo. Bring it on Shoutster....

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