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Friday, January 07, 2011

Le Grand Buffoon 2011

I can't believe myself. Woke up, got dressed, and was readying oneself for work. I switched on my work device, and no work. After a few more enquiries I discovered that it was my day off! Luckily I hadn't gone the whole hog and actually gone in, but it is worthy of a couple of points. Helmet also makes his debut for a similar crime, getting his dates wrong, and having to go into work New Years day. Not quite as bad, but worth a score all the same. Also there is a final upgrade for Dessi's exploits abroad. All agree, under the current scoring system, it should be a 20, and that is the final call on that episode.

2011 standings
  1. Dessi 20 points
  2. Euro Bri 15 points
  3. Trigger 7 points
  4. G Spot 7 points
  5. Crespo 4 points
  6. Gruber 4 points
  7. JohhnyM 3 points
  8. Geester 3 points
  9. John the Don 1 point
  10. Child Catcher 1 point
  11. Il Fromaggio Grande 1 point
  12. Tony Helmet 1 point

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