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Monday, January 31, 2011

Killer Keisters

Apologies for my tardiness with this weeks round up of Killer Keisters. Been a hectic old weekend I am afraid. This weeks trio of tushy is just a random bunch of fineness. The one above I have chosen for it's most excellent pertness. You could just sink your teeth into those juicy cheeks...... But what have we here? A most succulent rival, indeed. Perhaps not quite as cheeky, but you know you would.....

And what would the week be without a nice wholesome G.A.S.? Disappointing, that's what. So who am I to deny the perusers of my meanderings their weekly pick me up? A nice muscularly toned ass this week, and molto piacevole if you ask me. Mind out you don't piss this type off though. Looks if she clenched hard enough, she could rip it off...


Anonymous said...


Dam have to wash my beard now

Keep up the good work Muff dodger

Yours Pirately

Black Beard

Anonymous said...

Superb Mr Puesey Superb

Think the firt one needs to be your home page mate just so all can see every day