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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bobby Dazzlers

Queen Jamon had been busy over the weekend. At a car boot sale he picked up some cheap Bradford city training tops for the his lads, and instead of red, they all now sport a rather fetching black strip. As if by fate, a black bat started to fly around the pitch, and Jamon was quick to claim it as a team mascot, which I found quite apt, as they are a bunch of batty boys. that is the fourth time I have used that joke, and the MoFo were not overly amused by it, least of all bug Jamon, which made it all the funnier to me.

But enough about MoFo's shiny new outfits. Did they spur them onto glory?? No they did not, as they did their best to emulate the real life Bantams. They started off slowly, and bar a couple of scoring bursts that brought them within a brace, it was all Euro way traffic. In fact the game was an almost mirror image of last weeks game, when the Righteous never really got of second gear. The only difference being that when we play shit we just shrug our shoulders and take it on the chin. The JMF all have a hissy fit with each other and flounce off the court like a bunch of highly strung drag Queens. The most remarkable incident of the game was King Dave saving a shot on goal. WITH HIS HANDS!! Thought he only used them shovels for handing off rent boys, but there you go.....

All square in the early skirmishes, and as yet no pattern of how the year will pan out.

JMF- Dr Shotgun, Luklear War, Dead Eye, King Dave and Jamon

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, The Mercenary, Shouty and Crespo

2011 Season

JMF wins - 1

Euro Elite - 1

Draws - 0

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