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Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 Preview

A new year is laid out before us, and for once, plans are thin on the ground. Redundancies, babies (arrived and expected) and even abstinence are among the many reasons the Bender Squad may have a fallow 12 months ahead. But we still have stuff planned, and the first sojourn is only a few weeks away. A flyer down to London on the 5/2/2011 will be before you know it. We have a pretty solid team set up to travel, so Crespo's 30th should be a good one. For those of you who are up for a German jaunt, there is the Berlin trip on the 29th of April. At the moment there is four or five of us hooking up with the Major, to watch 1860 take on Hertha, although we can always accommodate a few more. After that........nothing. The Boy Dazzler turns 40, but I haven't heard hide nor hair from him in ages. There will be a couple of head wettings, M.R.S. permitting, but that is it. Provisionally, I am planning a trip to the Brussels beer festival in early September. There is some interest, but at the moment it is a case of wait and see. Of course a Lottery win could change all of that, but I don't like our odds. Other possibles also rely on events beyond our control. An example is the Bantams getting to the play off finals. Saying that, Morecombe away, on the 12th of march could be worth an over nighter. That said, circumstances could change in our favour, so watch this space....

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