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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bantams 0 Shrimpers 2

Apologies for the delay to this post, but I have just about come out of the coma induced by this tedious game. It was shite.

Pie Rating- As if the game was not bad enough, there was even more bad news. The pies have been changed. last seasons were pretty good, and I had high hopes for the beginning of the season (much as I did for the football side of things), but was amazed to find that what was put in front of me was wrapped in celephain. This, as any motorway traveller will attest, is a sure fire sign of blandness. Luke warm, crumbly pastry and meagre filling, all for £2.60. It was ghastly, and ranks right up, or down, there with the awful offerings at Elland Road, who also wrap their savouries in clear plastic. So it looks like I will be shedding the pounds this season, between my pie avoidance and the steep incline of steps to my seat. I will be as thin as Kate Moss in no time. Or maybe not. Saturday afternoons will be a time of fasting henceforth. Apart from away matches. 0/10

Kev Watch- Driving, and under orders not to stay out late. Gave me a lift home. Still not back to top form however, understandably considering the action, or lack of, on the pitch. See if you can spot him in the photo below. 4/10

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