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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Something Different

Most of our jaunts, sojourns, capers, adventures and general piss ups are almost exclusively undertaken in big cities, which offer a wide variety of bars, restaurants, museums, places of culture and strip clubs. So today will make a refreshing change, as I take off with old school members Queso, Mallky and Gster to the idyllic sloped and vistas of the Lake District. It is an old pals stag night, and for reasons best known to himself, he has chosen his last stand at the town of Bowness. Wouldn't have been my first choice, but then again I went to Portsmouth for my farewell to freedom shindig, so what the chuff do I know? In fact, I quite like the sound of it. Was hoping for better weather (that's the UK for you) but getting lashed up round of few country pubs sounds like it could be a lark. The big worry is the lack of any of the usual Buffoon suspects, who are good to deflect away from one's own idiocy. Could be some points I fear. Any how, I am off to prepare for the festivities, so will catch you up on Monday, hopefully with some decent tales.

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