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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flamers go Down in Flames

They say cream always rises to the top, and it has, albeit after a protracted time of over six months. Gone are the days when the Mighty Elite would fumble around for the first half hour, and find a mountain to climb, as yet again a scintillating opening period saw the Righteous more or less put the game beyond doubt. Seven up and cruising, the resurgent Two Scoops was again a constant thorn in the MoFo side, as he chased and harried them into numerous mistakes, that were glee fully snapped up. Of course the older legs of the Righteous Euro Boys had there weekly swoon at the three quarter point, but we had enough money in the bank to make sure Gaylords final efforts were to no avail. So we find ourselves on top of the world, looking down on creation for the first time since God knows when, and on current form things are looking rosy, although we need to guard against complacency.

JMF- King Dave, Big Phil, Dead Eye, Luklear War and Jamon

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, The Mercenary, Shouty and Two Scoops

2010 Season

JMF wins - 13

Euro Elite - 14

Draws - 0

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