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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breaking the Famine

The beer famine that is, as I have now been pint free for over two weeks (not counting the couple on Wednesdays after football) and am off with the slightly broken Crespo, and possibly Big JohnnyM to hook up with the Wakefield chapter of the Bender Squad, namely Sprocket, for a few sherberts. Hopefully the sun will stay out (fat chance) and allow us to quaff our flagons of ale Al Fresco. It will be nice, as apart from Crespo's head wetting session, Benders have been thin on the ground. Economic Downturns tend to have this effect. So I will hopefully have a bit of a thick head this time tomorrow, as I head down to the greasy spoon, and perhaps there may be a bit of buffoonery to report, although the form idiot of the moment has gone to the V Festival in Leeds.

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