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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bender Time

There isn't as many of us originally hoped, but it is the Cup Final today, and tradition demands a Bender. Myself and the Helmet are meeting up within the next couple of hours, and are making our way to a new sports bar in Wakefield, where we will be hooking up with Sprocket, Big JohnnyM, Dr Shotgun, Plus One and Dessi. The Boy Dazzler will be making himself available as soon as work commitments allow. The plan later is to head back to Saltaire for a few sherberts, Mercenary will be joining the festivities at this point. I was hoping to update the days shenanigans via twitter and this blog, but those plans have been scuppered, as I left my phone at the bottom of the stairs last night, and then promptly stood on it, rendering it completely and utterly useless. Buffoon point to the Brister. Which brings me nicely on to another score, as the current title holder finally got off the mark last week. Helmet managed to run out of petrol, 800 metre from the pub, and had to jog on to make last orders. I bet it was the first exercise he has taken in many a moon. So below are the latest standings, although if history is anything to go by, I will be updating again tomorrow.

Updated Buffoon Standings

  1. Trigger 50 points
  2. El Grande Queso 14 points
  3. Euro Bri 14 points
  4. Crespo 13 points
  5. Child Catcher 11 points
  6. Gareeeeeee 4 points
  7. Sprocket 3 points
  8. Dr Shotgun 3 points
  9. Mikey D 3 Points
  10. John the Don 3 points
  11. Shouty 3 points
  12. Dessi 2 points
  13. San 1 Point
  14. Major 1 point
  15. Tony Helmet 1 point

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