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Monday, May 10, 2010

Always the Bridesmaid?

The Premiership may well have ended, but the annual Bendership Dream Team has one more week to run. It is a two horse race, between myself in second, and last years champion Machine to be crowned champion. Machine will be attempting to become the first repeat winner, and has a 25 point advantage with just two games left. Of these matches, the Europa Cup Final, and the FA Cup final, he has only one player, Fat Frankie Lampard, but his points are void, as he is also in my team. So my chance of glory rests in the hands of two Fulham players Bobby Zamora and Arron Hughes, and even more importantly, Chelsea's Didier Drogbha. Three goals and a clean sheet should see me home and dry, but it will be tight.

Of course, I shall be cheering the Blues on from a bar in Wakefield, on our ninth annual FA Cup bender. This is the first year we are venturing outside of Bradford, due mainly to the fact that there ain't no where showing the game in the city centre. Any way, a change is as good as a break, so the saying goes. If there are any changes to the plans, I shall post them in good time.

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