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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Farewell Gordon???

I can't quite get my head round how Labour still have a chance of winning this election. Never mind the fact that after 13 years running the show that we find ourselves in the biggest pickle since the Second World War, and they seem to think that none of it is their fault, but that they could end up polling only the third biggest vote total and still end up with the most seats in Parliament. How the devil does that work? Forgive my naivety, but I understood a democracy worked on the assumption that the person/party that garnered the highest number of votes won, and henceforth earned the right too govern. I could even understand if there were some arcane law from way back that might let the second place guy sneak in, but third? And then there is the Labour hierarchy. Leaving Gordon aside for a moment, but the thought of Ed Balls, Harriet Harperson, the Milliband boys remaining in charge is enough to make the skin crawl. Even more stomach churning is Shouty's confession that he wouldn't mind bending Ms Harperson over and giving her a right good seeing too! Just as well we were to lazy/skint to run him as a potential Member of Parliament. Then again seeing her face as he leered across the floor would have been well amusing.

My other bug bear is the two main parties bleating on about how damaging a hung Parliament would be too the economy. Not having one has worked out really well, hasn't it? Combine this with the knowledge that the German economy has purred along much better than ours, with no majority party in control, since 1945, and I personally don't understand what the fuss is about. Anyway, if that's the way the country votes, that's the way it is, get used to it. My suspicion is the the Tories will probably just sneak through, which is fine and dandy with me, and hopefully they will implement their threat to repel all the ludicrous laws passed by Blair, Brown and all their acolytes since 1997. Please, please, please, anybody but Gordon.

Am I the only one who finds Sky News boast that they will be showing all their election coverage in High Definition odd? Why on Earth would anybody want to see the collection of Munters running for office in HD? Too a man, and indeed woman, they are all blessed with faces best suited to radio....

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