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Monday, May 03, 2010


I wasn't going to post anything today, having to work Bank Holidays sucks ass, and doesn't put me in the best of moods, but something happemed to me on Sunday that hasn't happened in a looooong time, and I couldn't resist sharing it. Saturday was the Bantams last home game of the season, so afterwards it was off to the pub to sink much beer and talk shite. Of course this meant I didn't eat much, so I woke up starving, and still a bit inebriated if truth be told. A greasy fry up was the order of the day, so down to Bradfords finest greasy spoon I went. God knows how it happened, but I caught the eye of a young twenty something girl, and flashed her the legendary Brister smile. She smiled back, and pleasantries were exchanged, before my cardiac arrest on a plate arrived. She waved and left the cafe, and that was that, so I thought, before her mate strode up to me, and said "My friend wants you to have this," and tipped me a wink. I had scored a phone number no less. I confess to being quite shocked, and my ego began to burst at the seams. That is until my 11 year old daughter clicked what had occurred, and burst out laughing. For a good five minutes. I thought at one point that she might require oxygen, she laughed that hard, and when we got home, of course, she filled the Elster in with all the details. What was even worse, was the Elster started laughing just as hard. Personally I don't see what was so funny, seeing as I am so fine, but trying telling that to the girls I share a home with. Still it is good ammunition for the next time I fancy a knee trembler, as if the Elster is not compliant, I shall threaten to summon my nubile admirer.

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