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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fall Out

They only get along when their winning! That should be the official chant of the JMF, as they bickered and sulked to a convincing defeat down the Wood on Wednesday night. Another fine display by the Righteous Elite saw us take an early lead, and keep it all they way through to the end. The MoFo cause wasn't helped by the injuries to Dead Eye, who spent most of the evening on the floor. First up he did his ankle. Then the other one. I am such there was another couple of knocks, but the finishing move was the spinning ball to the eye. Don't have too much sympathy for the shirt lifters, we suffered similarly a month back when Two Scoops pulled up and we were stuffed. The Gaylords did show some fight, they even got within a brace of equalising, but the effort to gain parity left gaping holes in their rearguard, and our handsome advantage was soon reinforced. This was too much for the batty boys, and the sniping and name calling got underway. I don't reckon the JMF like each other, and only get along when the going is good. Long may their falling out continue

JMF- Dead Eye, King Dave, Funky, Luklear War and Jamon

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, The Mercenary, Shouty and Crespo

2010 Season

JMF wins - 10

Euro Elite - 8

Draws - 0

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