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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Villains 2 Bantams 1

Something happened last night, that last occurred 102 years ago. That is before the Titanic sank. Before the first shots of the First World War were fired. Charlie Chaplain was the world's biggest movie star, and Scott perished in Antarctica as Amundsen becomes the first man to reach the South Pole. It is 1911, the last time Bradford City FC reach a cup final. Till now.

The first half did not bode well for the Bantams, as Villa bombarded the city goal from the first whistle. Playing in gold, the Bradford lads looked nervous, and on 20 minutes they went one up. A second goal looked inevitable, and the away team did well to make the break only a goal down. Everything pointed to an easy Villa win, and the end of the glory run to Wembley.

But the City manager must have given the mother of all team talks, as the lads came out for the second half transformed. The nerves looked to have settled, and the boys in gold started to gain a foothold in the game. A corner earned. The set play had proved Villas Achilles heel in the first leg, and we waited in anticipation. It was forced out for another. And then it happened. Local lad James Hanson was left unmarked, and his header crashed into the back of the net. Delirium in the away end, and the home team crumbled. A defender just flicked one away from Hanson, and Thompson hit the cross bar, as Villa looked beat. Of course, this being Bradford, a late Villa goal left us suffering palpitations for the last four minutes, but the defense held tight and history was made.....

Hot Dog Rating- Sold out of Balti pies! Had to make do with a hot dog instead. Which was fecking awful.  El Queso gave it a 5 out of ten, but that must have been because he was hungry.  Myself? I would give it a one.  Tasteless, £3.10 and served luke warm. It gains it's solitary point due it being served in a decent-ish baguette style bun. Woeful.  1/10

Kev Watch- Due to ticketing difficulties, our lanky hero was sat/stood, in a totally different stand to us.  As you can see from my blurry photo, it was nigh on impossible to pick him out.  So I shall just go on instinct for this section.  I reckon he whined throughout the first half, and then sang his heart out for the majority of the second.  Going to give him another 100/10

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