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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Injury Hit MoFo Beaten

This will have to be brief, as I have only just remembered I hadn't posted last weeks, as I am about to set off for this weeks.  The JMF got off to a flier, six goals up in no time, but instead of slipping to yet another butt fucking, we began to fight back.  So well, that we made up the deficit, and then some, going in front.  It was all shaping up to be a titanic tussle, when alas, Dead Eye pulled up with some old man type injury.  He was fine one minute, and then, with no one any where near him, he collapsed in a heap, clutching his back.  (I personally think it was from carrying Jamon for so long) This kind of killed the game a bit.  The shirt lifters did put up a fight, but in the end we ran out comfortable winners.  All square.

2013 Standings

JMF- 1


Draw- 0

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