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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Away Days

A follow up to the earlier posting of the Mighty Bantams victorious semi-final win, over two legs, against Aston Villa.  I won't dwell too much on the game itself, after all I have all ready posted a thread, and if you are a follower of the Mighty Bantams or Inept Villains, you will be all to familiar with what went done that glorious night.  This is all about the the ground, the world renowned Villa Park.  I have visited this fine stadium three times, and seen my team lose each time, which being a Bradford city fan ain't to surprising.  The problem I have rating this joint is the fact that I have always gone straight to the game, and then straight home.  So apart from the ground itself, I don't know much about the surroundings.  The brick facade is very nice, and the Holte pub just outside looks a good boozer.  Inside, there isn't a bad seat, and both the giant screens are pretty impressive.  But I got no feeling for the place, not like you do when on a proper Away Day.  When you catch the train down, find a boozer full of your fellow supporters pre-match, and then mingle with some non aggressive home fans afterwards.  So all I can do is comment on what a fine stadium it is.  A good size, fans generate a good volume (although it tailed off massively after James Hanson planted the ball in the back of the net) and the exterior and interior are not the generic bland structures that are de rigeur for the shiny new out of town stadia, that lack any kind of soul.  Would like to go again, but with a bit more time get a true reflection of where it should rank.

Sorry for the lack of photos and video footage, got to the game late, and fucked up the video panorama.

  • Capacity-42,788
  • Concessions- A tough one to call.  Home of the original Balti pie, and I was looking well forward to scarfing one, but due to our late arrival, they had sold out! Instead I was left with probably the most insipid hot dog I have ever had the miss fortune to get my chompers round.  Disappointed or disappointing? Will have to hope for another trip some time in the future.....
  • Built-1897
  • Did You Know?- Has hosted a record 55 FA Cup semi-finals
  • Visited By- Euro Bri, El Grande Queso, Crespo, Funky, Big Al, Helmet, Geester, Jamon and Malccy
  • Rating- Field of Dreams- My suspicion is this actually a grade higher, but as outlined above, I don't think I have had the pleasure of the full Villa match day experience. if I do, I shall revisit this post, and make the necessary amendments.

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