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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Year, New Start????

Hello strangers, it's been a while.  2012 was a hectic arse time at the back end for me, so I put the blog on ice, and made a New Year resolution to try and get it back up and running for 2013.  Of course another thing that has prevented me doing a lot of posting is the lack of stuff to post about, as the Bender Squad is getting a tad grey these days.  the last couple of years has seen some of the biggest stalwarts fade away, and the lack of new blood has told.  Of course we all have our mid life crisis's hoving into view, and combined with our bambinos getting older, we could be in for something of a renaissance in the upcoming years.  Of course a government that stopped taxing the ass of f all the things that go towards making a great Bender, it would help out no end, as to be honest, it has become a pretty expensive hobby.  In fact the ludicrous prices they charge in some European countries have made them as appealing as heading to Afghanistan for a knees up.  So my prediction for 2013, unfortunately, is more of the same.  So I am going to try some different threads over the next twelve months to help keep the blog going till such a time as it can revert to it's original purpose.

Of course I am going to try and keep some old favourites on the go.  I know the reporting on the tussle down the Wood is for a pretty niche part of the Squad, but it is something I can post on weekly, and tends to motivate me to get something on here.  for posterity, I sadly have to report that the nefarious JMF romped away the Wood Championship 2012.  Injuries, and huge change in personnel for the Righteous euro boys, left the sides some what lopsided.  This is being addressed tonight, as the new campaign kicks off with a shake up the teams.

Another regular, and popular, thread has been Le Grand Buffoon, honouring the biggest eegit of the year with not so coveted Maillott Jaune, and an inscription on the Roll of Dishonour.  So who was the recipient for 2012?  I couldn't honestly name a winner, information was sketchy, and so little time spent together no real consensus could be arrived at.  John the Don, you dodged a bullet......  To make it easier to collate information, I am considering setting up a Facebook group, so that stupidity can posted quickly, and at the closing date of every October the 31st, can be judged fairly and scored correctly.

I am hoping for a change in shift patterns at work this year, which could also mean (fingers crossed) i get more opportunity to watch the Bantams.  Also remaining will be Killer Keisters, as it does help to drive traffic through the site.  Which only leaves me to wish you all.....


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