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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Bantams 3 Villans 1

Due to a change of work shifts, and the ineptitude of the performances that were being provided, i gave up my season ticket a couple of seasons ago.  The style of football being played was so woeful, that last season I managed to drag myself down for two games, both of which confirmed my reasons for spending my Saturdays doing better things, such as washing my hair. This season, however, I began hearing that the Mighty Bantams were actually starting to play some decent football, and results began to bear this out.  But then I started to convince myself that I was the jinx, and the moment I set foot inside Valley parade, the players would all revert to turnips, and I would spend the first half wishing I had stayed in the Beehive. Then they went and did something unheard of.  They went on a cup run. Granted it wasn't the FA Cup, but it was the League Cup, which isn't some tin pot lower league bean fest, but a proper cup, with the winner getting a spot in the Europa League no less.  The quarter final draw looked to be the end of the road however, as we drew Arsenal at home.  Figuring we would lose any way, I decided to break my football fast.  And what a difference a season makes.  Passes that went to players in the same shirt.  There wasn't blind panic when in possession and the big hoof up front was scarcely seen.  And it was the team in Claret and Amber that was playing it.  Yes they rode their luck, but when the Gunners were vanquished via a penalty shoot out, it was a victory earned rather than stolen.

Villa in the two legged semi-final was up next, and the title of this post tells you everything you need to know.  I will leave the match report to the folk that get paid for it, because if you are a City fan you have probably read every review of the game you could lay your hands on.  For my two pence all I can say is what a match.  There were times during the promotion campaign in 98-99, where we outplayed teams, and won by some handsome margins.  The two years in the Premier League provided some memorable moments (defeating Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool amongst them).  But last night topped them all for me.  Ninety minutes away from a proper cup final.  Dare to dream.......

Crespo Watch- What a difference 90 minutes make.  prior to the game he seemed a bit off himself. Long day at work and all that.  But by the ned?  If there was a happier man in West Yorkshire I would be surprised.  For all you folk out there who don't like football, I would recommend giving him a wide berth, as until this odyssey is over, you aint going to hear anything else out of him.  As the old saying goes, the sun shines on every dogs arse once in a while.  1000/10 

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