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Monday, January 21, 2013

Le Grande Buffoon 2013

As you are all well aware, the maillot jaune was left unworn last year. A failure on my behalf to keep tabs on the various shenanigans committed throughout 2012, meant any awarding of the Jersey would have been unfair. This year, however, I believe I have come up with a fool proof method of both reporting and scoring. A league of extraordinary gentlemen has been assembled to undertake all things buffoon. It is mixture of former winners, and perennial contenders, who shall hold forth, in a secret society, that shall concern itself solely with picking the worthy recipient on an annual basis. All points awarded, and a league table will be made available on this blog. It is via this medium that any appeals can be raised, however the double jeopardy rule will still apply (ie doubling of points for failed appeals). May the best buffoon prevail.

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