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Friday, May 06, 2011

Lame-O's Draw Level

Once again, the MoFo had to field a substitute, and yet again he proved to be a bit of a ringer. Then again, their spawny victory couldn't all be put down to this fact. Prior to playing, the nefarious JMF also smeared the court in some shiny substance (KY perhaps?) that put us right off our game. Still, we almost pulled off a most remarkable come back, that was only stymied by a vicous verbal assault on Big Phil the Octopus (see moment of match) after which we sunk to a four goal loss. The goo (Man Juice?) that the MoFo had covered the court seemed to make the ball sticky. Time and again an opening was spurned as the ball got stuck in the feet of each and every Euro player. Of course the Red Shirted Lady Dodgers are far more experienced in the handling of sticky substances and soon built up a healthy goal cushion. But the boys in white are always up for it, and it looked like we had wrested control of the game until the incident mentioned below. Afterwards, The Octopus was put off his stride, and the evil puppy drowners made off with the victory.

Moment of Match
He plays a bit rough, granted, but the Octopus is never dirty. The fact is, the guy is in his mid fifties, and doesn't turn to quick. In fact a super tanker turning on the Leeds-Liverpool canal could probably execute a 360 degree turn faster than the multi armed one. So the reaction from the MoFo when the Big Fella brings one of 'em down is a bit over the top. A classic example was Jamon. The ball broke and the Octopus tried to turn and get to it, just as the Queen of the JMF was about to pass him. The resulting collision saw both bite the dirt, but the ball was already destined for the arms of the keeper. The over reaction by the ladies in red seemed to take the edge off his game, and left us playing almost a man down. This from a team that featured King Flipper. You never (well almost never) hear us complain when one us is volleyed by a size 18 trainer. And picking on a veteran like that....... Tsk, tsk.

JMF- The Mercenary, Luclear War, Dead Eye, Jamon and Dribbling Dan

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, Big Phil the Octopus, Crespo and Dr Shotgun

2011 Season

JMF wins - 8

Euro Elite - 8

Draws - 2

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