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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

JB Romps to Victory

The 2010/11 Bendership Trophy was won at somewhat of a canter this time round, as Big JB took the lead early on, and strolled to his second title, by a whopping 159 points, which I do believe is a record. Rocking up in second, four the foruth year in succession was yours truly, Euro Bri. Although I performed well after the transfer windows, I am in danger of becoming the Arsne Wenger of fantasy football. In both third and fourth was a former winner, Lobon, whose two teams pushed the reigning champion machine down to fifth, and the Europa League spot. Bringing up the rear, and collector of this seasons wooden spoon, is young Mr Corry. Will facebook, message and e-mail all with next terms details at the start of the next campaign.
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