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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bantams Season Review 2010/11

Have just checked out what I posted about last season, claiming it to be the most woeful in living memory. Well compared to this season just gone, it was a glorious campaign. That's right, the 2010/11 effort is officially the worst by a Bradford City squad since I was born. Words fail me, it was so dismal. Everybody thought we had the right man at the elm, and after a strong finish at the death last term, we were all hopeful of at least playoffs. Instead we flirted with the ignominy of semi-professorial footie in the Conference. Allay this to the strong showings of local rivals Leeds and Huddersfield, and we were made to look the laughing stock of West Yorkshire. Even Crespo lost the faith, and missed a few home games. Which brings us nicely on to the question of Valley Parade. Will the Bantams even be playing there come the Autumn? It's looking decidedly doubtful that we will, given the high rent that the land lords charge. Never mind the Premier League, Division One looks light years away.....

Player of the Season
Easy this one. David Syers proved to be just about the only shrewd bit of business Peter Taylor did during his disastrous tenure at Valley Parade. By far and away the most consistent and effective player of the shambles of a team. And what did Peter Jackson do on his arrival as care taker boss? Benched him. Will be very surprised if he is wearing claret and amber at the start of the next campaign.

Biggest Disappointment
You could make an argument for every single person connected to the club, as either player or board member, but the one that takes my award is Peter Taylor. How the fuck this guy got anywhere near the England set up is beyond me. Poor signings, erratic team selection and the most turgid of tactics soon turned even the most optimistic of Bantams fans into suicidal doom mongers. Typical was the game against Lincoln, when at 1-0 up, he told Daley to stay in his own half. Result? A 2-1 defeat to a team that got relegated. At home. Yes he seems like a genuinely nice bloke, but he handed out stupid contracts, to a bunch of carpet baggers, more interested in in getting paid, than playing for the shirt. Thanks to him, the club is fucked.

Away Day
Due to the rank ineptitude shown throughout year, we only bothered with one away game. How long ago it seems, since we went one up against Shrewsbury.... Before getting spanked 3-1 by the final whistle. Nice ground, loud fans, it pretty much wins by default.

Pie of the Year
If the Shrews win the Away Day award by default, their pies win deservedly. They were damn fine. The Cottage Pie, with mashed spuds and lovely juicy filling would have been a worthy winner even if I had gone to all 23 away games. It is proudly added to the roll of honour;

2011 Shrewsbury Town
2010 Rochdale
2009 Rochdale
2008 Lincoln City (for it's marvellous sausage sarnies)

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