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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hertha Berlin 1 Der Lowen 2

I know this about three weeks to late, but hey, I am an idle fuckwit, so what did you expect? Still it is worth reporting on, as at the sixth attempt, I finally got to see the mighty 1860 win a game. Of course the winner was scored as yours truly was pointing Percy at the porcelain, and totally missed it. Luckily, thanks to the wonders of Youtube, I got to see the goal on my return, although it would appear it has since been pulled. Twas by far the best performance by the lads, that I have witnessed at least. It didn't look like that at first, the Hertha fans were well up for it, a victory would have seen them earn the title, and buoyed by a crowd expecting glory, they got off the mark first. With the game being something of a dead rubber for the Lions, I settled back and waited for Hertha to cruise to a victory. But the lads in blau und weiss kept it together, and refused to bow down. The equaliser came whilst the Shotster was at the concession stand ordering in a bucket of beer, which made my missing of the later score a bit more bearable. 1860 played out the rest of the match, and at the final whistle were well worth their win. The train ride home was a bit of a hoot, with our German cousins enjoying give myself and the Shoutster a blow by blow account of the previous summers 4-1 demolition of England during the World Cup. They even took our jibes about fielding three Poles and a couple of Turks in good humour. Until it all kicked off further down the line, and we had to walk for about a mile to get a cab.

Shouty Watch- A classic Shouty performance. He managed to endear himself with a coachload of Hertha fans on the way in. Once at the stadium he got himself lost, whilst dicking around with his new i-phone. He sank a shitload of beer, and then, with only twenty minutes of the game left, bought us a couple of huge beers that were supposed to last the whole match. We managed to polish them both off by the final whistle, and then he was off again, trying to explain to a German chap how to take a picture with his phone, in a manner that made one thin k that they didn't have such wondrous technology in this neck of the world. Turned out the guy new his phone better than him, and actually gave him a quick tutorial on how to use the flash. A truly magnificent showing 11/10

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