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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Killer Keisters

Happy Easter ass fans! I was hoping this week to feature some Keisters with an Easter style theme, but it proved a fruitless search. I know there are plenty Playboy Bunny options, but I never felt the costume did much for the female posterior. Instead I found this lovely bronzed offering, featuring a saint of some description. For arguments sake lets just say it's St. Mary. The one below has nothing to do with either eggs or bonnets. It is just a seriously fit bird, giving it the come hither over the shoulder look, whilst in the nip. And sporting a mighty fine arse, as you would expect.

For the one below, I decided to go for something a bit more understated. Something that leaves a little to the imagination. Pert keister, stockings, white panties and just enough on show to perk up even the Pope. An instant classic, and straight into my top ten shots that have been featured on this thread.

So onto this weeks G.A.S. An interesting angle, I am sure you will agree, and the fine blond down on her butt is quite a turn on. Enjoy the holidays!

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