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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Change of Scenery, Change of Team

What an odd evening. At one point it looked like the weekly tussle would be cancelled, as numerous MoFoers dropped out. To compound matters, all our reserves seemed to be away at the same time. A big shout out to Clogs and Shotgun for pulling three rabbits out of a hat, and ensuring that a game was played. Add to the new look JMF, which had but two of their regular starters on show, a new court, which in the words of Shouty was "Too small, too shiny, too short, too wide, too fast and too slow." ( A lot of too's in there. Hope I used them correctly, or Kev will be giving me a lecture) As you can guess from his tirade, it didn't go well for the Righteous. It started of well, the game was shaping up to be a tight run affair, but the lads in white just couldn't seem to come to terms with the different dimensions, whilst the new look JMF did. And we got hammered. Shouty seemed to save everything hit at him, as long as it wasn't a trundler, of which he seemed to shepard into the back of the net. Still he was not entirely to blame, as Clogs dusted down his finest pair of wooden Dutch footwear, and proceeded to blaze shot after shot high and wide. The MoFo also had much younger legs to rely on, and boy did it show. Hopefully the old female dodgers will return next week, and our spiritual home will be back in service.

Moment of Match: Messi was not the only fella to slalom his way through a packed defense to score last night. Old European Bri rolled back the years, and showed the young bucks that there is still a sliver of skill in his old body. A jinking run past three of them was finished with aplomb. Sadly it is a sight that is not seen to often these days......

JMF- The Mercenary, Luclear War, Young Gaz, Jinking Josh and Bazooka Joe

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, Shouty, Fl-Ash and Dr Shotgun

2011 Season

JMF wins - 7

Euro Elite - 8

Draws - 2

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