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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bank Holiday Bender?

This is why I shouldn't listen to anybody concerning our benders. I put it out there, to a combination of vote, straw poll and general feed back. Every instinct told me to organise one on the Good friday, but I got hood winked into making it on Easter Sunday. All and sundry said they would be there, and in a way they were. Just all in different places. I had my suspicions from the outset, and slowly they were confirmed. Crespo and Helmet, the main instigators for a Sunday I might add, totally forgot about family commitments they had made, and were way laid till late in the afternoon. To compound matters, Crespo forgot to ring Sandro, who went into the Villagers and refused to move. Shouty, on the other hand, stayed ligged up in bed till gone five o'clock. This left me and Big JohnnyM enjoying the sunshine, beer, bourbon and Polish birds outside Lloyds in Centenary Square. Eventually Clogs and Shaun showed up, followed by Kev, and even more surprisingly, the Boy Dazzler. At around eight thirty, the Big Man and Dazzler called it quits, and the rest of us headed to Saltaire. At around eleven thirty, I was toast, and left Clogs, Crespo and Shouty to it. They managed to keep out till the wee hours. It was a tag team bender of sorts. So next time, I will call it myself, even if this means that I am the only geezer out.

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