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Monday, April 18, 2011

Killer Keisters

Hola, and welcome to this weeks Killer Keisters. Now I have absolutely no idea what is happening above, but I am all for it. Why there would be so much fine keister lined up in such a pert little row, is to be frank, beyond me. I do know that whatever it is, should be made law, immediately. Would be fun to run along with one of those bendy shatterproof rulers....... Sticking with the more is more theme, how about some double trouble, one in a tight pair of Daisy Dukes, her mate in a nice crisp pair of tight white panties? Didn't think any of you would have a problem with that.

In fact, lets have some more cheeky pairs. These two obviously have the worlds welfare at heart. Saving water by bathing together. can't beat a nice glistening butt can you?

Which is why I have decided to bless you all with a wee bonus this week. The picture below was featured a few weeks back, in one of the black and white "Killer Keisters" But during my, ahem, research, I came across it (and over it) in sparkling technicolour, and decided to share it with my minions of ass lovers.

Which brings us on to this weeks G.A.S. And what a belter it is. Nothing, not even a pair of tight white panties, gets the blood up like thigh length socks. Marvellous....

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