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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Easter Bender

Spring has sprung, the clocks are back to the right time, and the sun is shining. can only mean one thing. The Easter Bank Holiday bender is upon us. Only two weeks away to be precise. Last year's shindig was a rum old do, and this year we are aiming to repeat it's success. The thing is, we lack a plan. Against my better judgement, I have for gone my right to dictate, and decided to take on advice from all members as to what action should be taken. And as usual, I got about a million different proposals. So, in an abridged version, these are the four options that we have:

Good Friday
My personal choice, and the day we had it last year.

  • Gives plenty of recovery time, and makes Sunday double jeopardy
  • Plenty of folk out, as it's the first day of the long weekend
  • It's my choice
  • Everyone is out straight from work
  • Not everybody gets the day off
  • Some folk will be working Saturday morning

  • Everyone is usually off work by tea time
  • You can send the Mean Repressive Spouse shopping
  • Football is on
  • Will probably mean Sunday is a write off (hangover)
  • There are loads of pissed off women out shopping
  • It's not my choice
Easter Sunday

  • It's a nice steady day
  • Absolutely everyone is off all day
  • Who cares if Monday is a write off
  • We will end up in the Villager all day
  • Wives will want to come, and bring the kids to boot
  • Most people call it quits at tea time
Easter Monday

  • None
  • Everything
So those are our choices. I am pretty easy about either Friday or Saturday. To be honest, Sunday is okay, but let's be honest. It's the old man option. Not one person thinks it should be Monday, as that's just silly and was only added in the interests of fairness. So I am going to something I haven't done in a while. I am going to run a vote, which is just up in the top left hand corner. I will be also posting an open invite on Facebook, and will also be taking consideration from comments made on this site as well.

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