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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Old Age

A combination of icy cold wintry weather and man flu (sandwiching a hangover) lies at the heart of why there has been a lack of action on me old blog. I have picked up a chest infection that I can't quite shake, and working out in the elements has induced yet another bout of chronic idleness. Of course the shindig on Saturday went ahead, but only myself and Shouty went out for the duration. Of course the game was called off due to a frozen pitch, which meant I ended up in the boozer all day with the drinking champion of Europe. He was also suffering with a bit of illness, but unlike myself managed to go late into the night/early into the morning. There was still a decent turnout, but as usual when I am left supping with the Shoutster, I ended not as El Presedente, but more El Pissed-as-a-rat-te. Shotgun put in an afternoon shift, and Geevers, Crespo, Chubs, Clogs and Big JohnnyM all showed up late afternoon. Of course my recall is a bit sketchy from there on in. I know the Big Man got me home for around 11, at which point I rang the local Chinese and fell asleep. I know this because of the five missed calls I got from the purveyor of said grub when i failed to arise. Anyway, that means it should be a steady-ish weekend coming up. Which is just as well, because from there on in it all gets a bit hectic. First up is SammyJ 1970's birthday bash. Then an Away Day to Crewe followed by a works do, and then it's Chrimbo. This years Bender Squad X-fest is going to have to be Boxing day, which is a bit after the event, but it ties in well. Both Duggy and the Major are over from Switzerland, and City are at home, which means there will be a few of us out and about any way. Our destination of choice, to start out anyway, is Saltaire. I will follow the plans up later,when I am not feeling a shitty as i do now.

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