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Monday, December 13, 2010

Le Grande Buffoon 2011 Update

As we near the festive season there is no great stupidity to report, but I thought I best update all the same, as Christmas usually proves to be quite a fertile time for idiocy. First up I need to report my first scores of the year. I thought the first was a bit harsh. I came home arsed, rung up a bunch of grub from the local Chinese take away, and then passed out. The only reason I knew about this was the seven missed calls I got from Tim, the local purveyor of all foods from China. Actually, reading that back, it is a definite point. Good news is that Tim has forgiven me, and has said I need not worry about any "special" sauce in my next order. My second point is for the truly half arsed job I have just done wrapping up the Elsters Chrimbo pressie. In fact it was so bad I shall award myself two points. The next points are on the basis of hearsay and rumour, so may well be expunged, but we have our first "Munich Incident" of the season. Word on Facebook is the Geester has pooped his pants, an automatic three pointer, if memory serves. The last score to report goes to the Mighty Crespo. This weekend just gone was SammyJ's 40th birthday party, which had a seventies theme. As he always does, Lobon made a great effort, and dressed up as Jimmy Saville to do the DJing. He did the whole "Jewelery, Jewelery" schtick, and walked around the party sporting a large cigar, and offering to "Fix it" for one and all over the mic. He did this for about two hours, at which point the pretty one turned to the Mercenary and uttered the sentence "Here, is it me, or does Mick look a bit like Jimmy Saville?" A two pointer for sure.

2011 standings
  1. G-Spot 7 points
  2. Euro Bri 3 points
  3. Geester 3 points
  4. Crespo 2 points
  5. Child Catcher 1 point

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