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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Olympic Keister

Hello Arse fans, how the devil are we?  Good? Well I know I am, as after what seems an age, I have gathered together a crack squad of bon vivants, for a Bender of  Olympic proportions.  Later today we begin our quest to London, culminating in beach side seats on Sunday for every-bodies favourite sandy sport, Ladies beach Volleyball.

Of course there of those amongst you, who will think it is yet another excuse for us to go and letch at scantily clad lovelies fuck around in the sand.  For shame!  We have been huge fans of this sport and are keen  studiers of strategy and tactics, paying particular notice to the hand sides made over their oh so lovely keisters....

Any way, time is short (yet again) so I will sign off for now, but hope to have a full report of the weekends shenanigans some time Tuesady.

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